Do the TWIST with the EPA

Water Services is dedicated in providing you with resources to make your job easier and to find ways to use technology to make it simpler.

In October 2005 the Environmental Protection Agency released TWIST, is a database created for local, county, and state health departments or other agencies that need adaptable tools for tracking and managing onsite and clustered wastewater treatment systems. TWIST is designed to track information related to the facility served, permits, site evaluations, system types, services provided, and complaints. It can also provide guidance to private vendors who might be developing databases with similar purposes. TWIST is a template which can be modified to meet specific needs.

This free specialized system is one to consider especially if you are a dealer trying to get your business organized and need some help with tracking customer and property information. To read the full TWIST getting started guide and manual click here.

There are so many free tools to help you get your business organized. Let us know how Water Services can help you in your water and business needs.

For more information on how we can exceed your water system needs, contact Water Services, Inc., call +1 801-705-4567 or send an email to

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