Water Services—at the Heart of Communities Around the World

Water Services understands that water is at the heart of everything that we do. Communities and cultures need clean water to thrive. Communities are the heart and soul of nations and it’s the communities that push us forward.

It is in this spirit of not only providing clean water to communities across the globe, but providing chances and opportunities for people to become leaders of change right in their own backyards that has lead Water Services to donate to GlobalGiving.org.

GlobalGiving.org is an organization that supports community-based projects that need our funds to get started or to maintain the current programs. These projects are started by everyday people who reach out into their community to fill a need and offer help.

Water Services has chosen to give a percentage of their profit to this organization. As water is the center of healthy and happy lives, so too are active communities thriving to help those in need.

Visit GlobalGiving.org to see how you too can help support projects in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world.

For more information on Water Services participation please contact info@water-services.us or call +1-801-705-4567.

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