Malaysia and Water Scarcity and Pollution

Water supports and sustains life. Before water systems were created communities and villages developed at the banks of oceans, rivers and streams. Technology has made living away from the water source possible in many areas of the world. However, there are still aboriginal groups of people that still depend on clean rivers and streams as a source of life and livelihood in their primitive standard of living.

One example of this is in Malaysia. In a country that is becoming fast industrial, there are poor regulations of water pollution against corporations that can dump chemicals in rivers and destroy the animals, plants and water supply. According to the FAOs website Malaysia has a rich abundance of resources but their water supply is also becoming scarce, “Population growth and urbanization, industrialization and the expansion of irrigated agriculture are imposing rapidly increasing demands and pressure on water resources, besides contributing to the rising water pollution.”

Water Services has affordable solutions for water scarcity and pollution problems for developed and developing countries around the world—even Malaysia. We offer solutions like pumps, waste water treatment, potable water treatment, borehole products and the like.

 Contact our Water Services – Malaysia representative to find out all the ways we can help solve your water need. Also, feel free to contact our Water Services headquarters at  +1(801) 705-4567 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting or send an email to

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