Freezing in September?

Well, not quite. I know that no one is thinking about freezing water lines in September, but that’s just when you need to be. Get your Home Temperature Monitor and your Auto Dialer Home Monitor system installed now and get one less thing off your back for the cold winter months ahead.

Protect your home from temperature drop that can freeze a water line while you are away, with the Home Temperature Monitor Switch. This switch is a normally closed switch, which remains closed at temperatures above 40 degrees F. When temperatures drop below 40 degrees F. the contacts open and they remain open until the temperature has risen to 55 degrees F.

This temperature monitoring switch is designed for use with the Auto Dialer system that can be programmed to call up to 4 telephone or pager numbers with an up to 16 second message to alert someone that your home is at a low temperature and there is a water pipe freeze potential.

The Auto Dialer Home Monitor system is designed to alert someone when there is a problem at your home. When used with the temperature sensor listed above, you can have the Auto Dialer call up to 4 telephone or pagers with an up to 16 second message.

When you are away from home, you can have the Auto dialer system set up to alert a trusted neighbor or relative to come and correct the problem. This is like the commercial monitoring systems, without the cost of monthly fees.

The system is activated when temperature in your home drops below 40 degrees F. and will be deactivated when the temperature rises above 55 degrees F.

The Auto Dialer system can also be used to alert you to a high water condition from the failure of a sump or sewage pump in your basement. The system wires into the high water alarm, which triggers the alert to dial the stored numbers with the recorded message.

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