Water in Botswana; a basic human right

Many times in our articles we mention the importance of water. It can be easy for some of us to forget how much of a luxury water really is. Many people in the United States and abroad enjoy swimming pools right in their backyards. Some leave the water running while brushing their teeth with no thought of the wasted water trickling down the drain. We travel to luxury resorts where we can sit in a hot tub or take a long hot shower after a long day or just to relax.

Sometimes it’s hard for people who have so much water in abundance to remember that some are fighting for every drop of water that they get. They are fighting for those in control of water to ration it in accordance to basic human needs and rights. That’s what the people of Botswana are facing every day of their lives. People are dying due to dehydration, disease and unsanitary conditions.

In a breaking news update released hours ago, the Kalahari San People launch appeal in bid to regain water rights that a Botswana Judge denied last July. The decision of Justice Walla, handed down in July, denying the San access to the borehole they had used in the past has been condemned around the world, particularly by the African Union, who said the decision is a violation of the African Charter, which states access to water is a human right.

It’s not our purpose here to open up a political debate of who should or shouldn’t have control or the plethora of other issues at hand. Our purpose is that of service and help. We have expanded our efforts of helping to bring clean water to the people of Botswana and help them to be more self-sufficient and bring creative and affordable solutions to their water problems.

Read the full article here. Contact Water Services at www.Water-Services.us for more information call +1(801) 705-4567, or send an email to info@water-services.us. Also, be sure to contact our dealer in Botswana here.

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