Pakistan – too little water

It may be a surprise that their is a lack of water in Pakistan. With the topography of Pakistan having 6 rives that flow into it one might think that water is in abundance. Back in 1960 a treaty was created to share the river water resources called the Indus Water Treaty of 1960. From melting glacier water to the indication of a future drought of large magnitudes, the question of where water will come from and how to preserve it is fresh in people’s minds.

Our representative in Pakistan, Modern Construction Company, is located at 21-F Teepu Sultan Road Multan Cantt, 60000. They can be reached via phone by calling, +92-300-8731910 or emailed at They work with pumps, waste water treatment, potable water treatment, borehole products and more.

Water Services is ahead of the curve and working now to help bring water solutions to Pakistan. Read the full article here. Also, be sure to contact Water Services at for more information call +1(801) 705-4567, or send an email to

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