1.5 Billion USD goes to African Agriculture

About 90 percent of food crops consumed in Africa are produced by small-scale farmers, making up about 60 percent of the African work force. These farmers depend rain-fed agriculture for their crop production. There is a water crisis of not just having enough water but where to get it and how in Africa that will take much time and effort to resolve. The African Development Bank promised 1.5 Billion USD toward the water initiative and the African Green Revolution.

Water Services and our representatives throughout South Africa have many solutions to help solve the many water problems that farmers, families and businesses face each day. We can provide solutions that help people to become more self-sufficient as well as conserve the water they recieve.

We take our business seriously and look forward to helping those in need and helping to find creative, affordable solutions to the people of South Africa and abroad.

Water Services is ahead of the curve and working now to help bring water solutions to Pakistan. Read the full article here. Contact Water Services at www.Water-Services.us for more information call +1(801) 705-4567, or send an email to info@water-services.us. Please see our South African dealers here.

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