Introducing, Saif Altiman

Water Services works with many dealers around the world to help solve your problems and deliver your products as quickly and as affordable as possible. Diyala LLC is one of those dealers.

Saif Altiman, Business Development Executive of Diyala LLC, is not new to the needs of people in Iraq. Iraq has many challenges when it comes to water sanitation, distribution, sustainability and a host of other issues that make access to clean water very difficult. Altiman is working to bridge the gap between western and eastern modern-day business.

For more than 30 years Altiman has worked in the engineering industry and for many of those years he has worked with water management in Iraq. With an expertise in management, engineering and healthcare and a master’s degree in project management and training in financial management, Altiman is well equipped to face those challenges of water in Iraq and Water Services is proud to have him working with us.

“Our business is an industrial leader in diversification and bringing the right management and industry standards to the Iraqi people,” said Altiman. “We aim high and always base our foundations on quality because people deserve better.”

From networking through the British Embassy in Baghdad to reaching out to local people and businesses, Altiman knows your needs and what needs to happen in the water industry in Iraq and is working hard to bring affordable, lasting and sustainable solutions to people, businesses, farmers and municipalities—including contractors and governmental agencies in Iraq that we currently serve.

With USA made products, the quality of what Altiman has to offer at such affordable prices are of great benefit to his region. Altiman is furnished with facilities, resources, product and business support to make doing business in Iraq easy for you. That gives you a solid commercial advantage in Iraq which is difficult to come by.

Saif Altiman, Diyala LLC and Water Services are eager to help you find a solution to your needs and are available immediately to help you. Please visit, email or call +964 790111 8855 to meet Saif and get started on your project with Diyala and Water Services. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Also, visit, email or call 801-705-4567 for more information.

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