Water in Botswana; The Fight Continues

As Water Services visits South Africa over the next few weeks we are visiting many areas including Botswana. We are working actively in Botswana in try to give quality water to as many people as possible.

In a past article, Water in Botswana; a basic human right, we speak of a fighting for the basic right of water, control of it and appeals in court. Now, as the fight for the water continues, tourism is thrown into the mix as Survival International, the human rights organization for tribal peoples, today called for tourists to boycott Botswana until the government ends campaigns against Kalahari Bushmen.

Please read the full article here.

We will keep you updated as we develop new ways and means to bring water to as many as we can in Botswana, South Africa and around the world. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for news and updates over the next few weeks.

Please contact Water Services at www.Water-Services.us for more information call +1(801) 705-4567, or send an email to info@water-services.us. Also, be sure to contact our dealer in Botswana here.

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