Organic Waste Water Treatment

Cost Effective Enhanced Wastewater Treatment for Homes, and Commercial Wastewater Treatment

VBT Enhanced Treatment Systems are being touted as a solution for various applications and for many communities. The benefits of VBT are numerous. Dissolved Oxygen is dispersed throughout the interceptor receptacle providing the following benefits:

  • Increased DO in wastewater
  • Reduced odor in receptacle
  • Reduction in Carbonaceous Biological Oxygen Demand (CBOD)
  • Reduction in Total Suspended Solids
  • Reduced Strength of Wastewater

VBT’s can be used in many applications from residential to agriculture. Here are some example uses for VBT:

  • Treatment of septic tanks to reduce Solids, Organics, and effluent strength; therefore, it is possible to revive failing drain fields that are sluggish and not accepting wastewater.
  • Enhanced treatment of septic wastewater reducing wastewater constituents prior to discharge to drain field.
  • Enhanced pre-treatment of wastewater prior to further treatment and polishing by ATU or Advanced Treatment Unit.
  • Aeration of lagoons, dairy ponds, recreational lakes, ponds, and nutrient laden water.

Water Services, Inc.’s Vacuum Bubble® Aerators are built upon sound scientific principles and engineering practices. The bubbles are created under a partial vacuum and consequently, as they enter the water, the higher water pressure surrounding them causes them to collapse further. There are no other, documented aerators with bubbles as small as 0.25mm in diameter

Vacuum Bubble® Technology and Aerobic Bacteria are great for:

  • Conventional Waste Treatment
  • Aerobic Efficiency
  • Nitrification

For more information on vacuum bubble technology and organic waste water treatment, click here; and be sure to contact Water Services at +1-801-705-4567 or email us at for a FREE  quote and more information on how we can help you meet your water needs.

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