The WSI-VBT™-200 Vacuum Bubble® Aerator is best used in applications with high strength waste from commercial operations such as RV and mobile home parks, small industrial sites, restaurants, etc. The WSI-VBT™ 200 Series is often used in conjunction with ATU’s and Advanced Treatment Systems as an effective pretreatment to significantly lower BOD/TSS concentrations.Tiny vacuum bubbles are created under a partial vacuum and consequently, as they enter the water, the higher water pressure surrounding them causes them to collapse further. There are no other documented aerators with bubbles as small as 0.25mm in diameter.

This technology addresses biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment problems by improving the performance of aerobic bacteria. As the aerobic bacteria oxidize waste and consume oxygen, the Vacuum Bubble® Technology Aerator makes additional oxygen readily available by producing very large populations of micro Vacuum Bubbles®. The process is proven to be highly energy-and cost-efficient across a wide range of applications.

The unit is designed for:

• Quick and easy installation

• High strength wastewater treatment

• Commercial applications such as RV parks, restaurants, etc.

• Industrial wastewater pre-treatment

Cubic Feet/Minute(Air) 1.25
Cubic Feet/Day (Air) 1,800
Lb. O2/Day 32
Lb. O2/Hp/Hour 5.33
Motor – Franklin 1/4Hp
Voltage (1 Phase) 115/220
Full Load Amps 1.7
Approximate Flow 6,500 GPD
Electrical Consumption 0.37 Kwh
Sphere of Influence 6’-8’


• Quick installation & setup

• 0.25mm bubbles

• Promotes aerobic bacterial growth

• Reduces BOD/TSS by up to 85%

SPECIFICATIONS A: Motor Diameter 4.17″
B: Motor Height 8.5″
C: Motor Mount (Square) 6.5″
D: Air Tube Length 22.0″
E: Air Tube Diameter 4.5″
F: Min Water Line 6.0″
G: Max Water Line 16.0″

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