Advanced Aeration and Water Services

Water Services partners with companies that are innovative, provide quality products and are leaders in the industry. Advanced Aeration is no exception. The mission of Advanced Aeration aligns perfectly with the core of Water Services, “Commercialize innovative technologies to benefit global water quality and improve the environment.”

I invite you to learn more of Advanced Aeration below and contact Water Services so we can help you understand how you can use this technology for your application.

Advanced Aeration. Inc. is a Nevada corporation with a contact location in Angleton, Texas exploring the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of advanced technologies associated with the treatment of commercial and industrial wastewater. AAI’s products include wastewater treatment systems, aeration systems, bio-sensing devices, microbial inoculum, and other associated products.

Vacuum Bubble® Technology:
A Brief History

In the early 1970s, Vacuum Bubble® Technology was first used in livestock production. The elimination of odor and sludge in manure storage pits and lagoons along with the reduction of corrosive gases in animal confinement buildings through the use of VBT™ became a major contributor to the development of environmentally sound agriculture.

By the 1990s, Vacuum Bubble® Technology had been adapted to improve the operation of home septic tanks. Addition of the Vacuum Bubble® Technology Aerator to an existing or new home septic tank showed that a clear, odorless effluent was produced, and there was a reduction in the need for regular sludge pumping. It was also found that the use of VBT™ extended the life of drain fields. A further refinement of the Vacuum Bubble® Technology Aerator was the development of a retrofit kit for installation in failed aerobic treatment units.

All kitchen waste from restaurants is held in underground grease traps and the VBT™ was shown to reduce costs through the less frequent need for grease trap pumping. Customers and restaurant staff were also pleased by the elimination of offensive grease trap odors. Cleaner grease trap effluent also meant less clogging and fewer backups in kitchen drains.

The same principles that made Vacuum Bubble® Technology so effective in livestock production were also found to be applicable to large commercial users in many industrial applications. Industrial processes which had foul odors due to an accumulation of anaerobic bacteria were improved by the Vacuum Bubble® Technology Aerator. Operating costs relating to disposal of unintended organic sludge accumulation were significantly reduced or, as in some cases, eliminated.

In 2001, with the assistance of the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) the technology was further developed in the aquaculture environment. The use of VBT™ demonstrated increased survival rates and increased yields of fish in breeding ponds.

To learn more of Advanced Aeration and how it can help your project, please visit, go to our online store, to get a custom quote via email; info@water-services.usor use the online form, or call + 1-801-225-1180.

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  1. Shanon Weaver says:

    I am looking into a system of this type for my mountain property which the county of Jefferson Colorado home Zip 80470, Will only allow the Aeration type to be used. And with the 1/4 acer size of my lot being the most deciding factor. I am also of limited funds for this up grade to my dream of building my mountain dream home. I am asking for all the advice, help, cost info, cost cuts, and price and shipping cost. I am looking forward to your reply as soon as possible do to the 3 months of paperwork, hearings with the health board, and a neighbor who wish nothing more than to see me fail in court hearing. and wants me to sell them the property! Thank You Shanon Weaver. A man with only 1 dream

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