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Stop By and See Water Services at Watertec Africa 2011

Starting today, June 7th, 2011, Water Services Inc. is onsite at the Watertec Africa 2011 show. Stop by booth B7 and lets get to know each other. We have so many top-quality products, we know we can help you with … Continue reading

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Who is Water Services Inc.?

Worldwide provider of industrial/commercial, water treatment systems and services Servicing United States, Middle East, Afghanistan, Asia & Africa I invite you to contact Water Services  so we can understand your needs and let us give you a fast, free quote. … Continue reading

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Advanced Aeration and Water Services

Water Services partners with companies that are innovative, provide quality products and are leaders in the industry. Advanced Aeration is no exception. The mission of Advanced Aeration aligns perfectly with the core of Water Services, “Commercialize innovative technologies to benefit … Continue reading

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Aeration of Organic Wastes

Advanced Aeration Inc.’s innovative Vacuum Bubble® Technology revolutionizes the use of aerobic waste management systems in commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications throughout the world. The technology addresses the problems of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment by improving … Continue reading

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FEATURES The WSI-VBT™-200 Vacuum Bubble® Aerator is best used in applications with high strength waste from commercial operations such as RV and mobile home parks, small industrial sites, restaurants, etc. The WSI-VBT™ 200 Series is often used in conjunction with … Continue reading

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Reverse Osmosis at Home – Help Save Plastic

The bottled water industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. With that convenience of bottled water comes the inconvenience of what to do with all of that plastic! Although 80% of Americans having access to a recycling program, more than 2.4 … Continue reading

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WSI-VBT™-101 VACUUM BUBBLE® AERATO FEATURES The  WSI-VBT™-101 Vacuum Bubble Aerator is sized for on-site wastewater treatment, small commercial applications, and pretreatment of industrial wastewater. Several configuration options give flexibility to meet differing requirements. Available options, which may be ordered, include an all-weather … Continue reading

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Come visit Water Services on EngNet!

Water Services serves many communities and one of those are engineers. We love working with engineers and help solve their water needs for all of the various applications they face. EngNet is a directory for engineers where you can find … Continue reading

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Information how you want it, when you want it

Did you know that Water Services has many ways to contact us? Water management is a big job and sometimes can lead to questions regarding what product is best to handle a specific application. Also, in dealing with people around … Continue reading

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Organic Waste Water Treatment

Cost Effective Enhanced Wastewater Treatment for Homes, and Commercial Wastewater Treatment VBT Enhanced Treatment Systems are being touted as a solution for various applications and for many communities. The benefits of VBT are numerous. Dissolved Oxygen is dispersed throughout the interceptor … Continue reading

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